Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at the Seaside Centre – 5790 Teredo Street at 7:00 pm.

(Note: we do not meet in the months of June, July, August or December)

Remember to bring your own mug and Club name tag.  Visitors are welcome!


2018  Monthly Speakers

Information on our monthly speakers and their topics is posted regularly. See 2018 Monthly Meeting Speakers List for all the speakers we’ve had this year.


November 26, 2018 – Andre Erasmusfloral

Topic – Seasonal Floral Arrangements – Indoors and Out

Andre Erasmus is a South African who emigrated here 30 yrs ago for love, not politics.  He is a keen gardener with a love for flowers.  He gives demos and floral design workshops to garden clubs, senior facilities, schools and pre-schools.  Every Friday, during the summer for the past 5 yrs, Andre hosts a hands on workshop at his home where participants bring flowers and foliage from their gardens. His intention is to use as little commercial product as possible and to make his students aware of the abundance of indigenous flora. “Roadsidea” (his name for plants that grow along the roadside – wild and FREE) makes him very happy! Andre is also an organist and choir master to a local parish.

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