Executive & Directors

2019 Executive & Directors

President:  Ann Booth

Ann and her husband Nigel moved to Sechelt in 2016.  After some commuting back and forth while working, they finally retired to the Sunshine Coast. Ann worked for a Naturopathic doctor for 25 years on the North Shore and now has the time and opportunity to enjoy a large garden.  As an artist, Ann is inspired by the colours, fragrances and light of gardens so is eager to learn more. The Sechelt Garden Club is a group of people that are passionate about the same things she is. Having been a member of a Community Group for nearly 40 years, Ann is familiar with being part of a dedicated team with a common goal one of which being giving back to the community. Ann looks forward to being President of the Sechelt Garden Club for the next 2 years (2019-2020).

Past President (2016 & 2017): Cathy Belfry

After 25 years of working at the North Vancouver District Library and being a summer “cottager” on the Sunshine Coast, Cathy and her husband Frank retired to Halfmoon Bay in 2011. They built their home on a lot filled with rock, blackberries and not much soil. Having very little gardening experience Cathy joined the Sechelt Garden Club and enjoyed the meetings, speakers and information she learned from the other members. In 2016, she became President of the Club. Cathy served as President of the Garden Club for 2 years (2016 and 2017) and feels it was a great experience. She will remain on the board for 2018, serving as Past President.

Vice-President: Noel Shepperd

Noel moved to Canada in February 1988 from Hobart, Tasmania where he was born. His career path has taken him in two different directions, one in business for 10 years with a brewing company in Tasmania and the other, when he was 25, working as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. Noel moved to the Sunshine Coast in July 2017 and is currently retired. He enjoys the long gardening season here on the Coast and looks forward to being part of the growth of Sechelt Garden Club. Noel also enjoys the Guest Speakers at the General meetings and listening to the skilled and knowledgeable members. 2019 will be an awesome gardening year with many events planned such as mini plant sales, garden tours and much more.

Secretary: Terry Rolfe

Terry is a new member of the Sechelt Garden Club. She is retired and has lived on the Sunshine Coast for six years, leaving behind a research and finance career spanning four decades. Her early pursuits were in risk management, investments and capital finance, followed by work in international food security, water scarcity under climate change, and transborder trade. Her continuing interests include bio-invasion control and ecological restoration. She has supported the Rotary network on the coast, but is shifting gears now to pursue a life-long passion for gardening, enjoying wildlife and learning from fellow enthusiasts. Terry and Wayne live in Halfmoon Bay and are delighted to support local clubs and initiatives.

Treasurer: Muguette MacDonald

Muguette enjoyed a long and successful career in Mercantile Credit working in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. She moved to Sechelt after her children had grown. Muguette currently works in accounting and in her spare time enjoys nurturing a symbiotic relationship with the earth through gardening as she slowly replaces the lawn around her home with raised beds. While vacationing in France, Muguette was introduced to biodynamic gardening which appealed to her interests in both astronomy and gardening. Muguette enjoys life on the Sunshine Coast, the people, the community and the nature that surrounds us.

Communications: Carol Corbet

Carol joined the Garden Club in 2014 and in 2016 took on the role of Communications Director. She enjoys producing the Garden Club’s monthly Newsletters and has found she has learned so much over the past years, both in creating the Newsletters and about gardening on the Coast. She moved from the Yukon, and has been finding it quite exciting to be able to garden more than 3 months of the year! Carol has worked in public service positions and brings skills in communications from her position as an Employment Counselor for over 20 years and as manager of Employment Central in Whitehorse for 12 years. Carol very much enjoys the Garden Club’s activities, speakers, and meeting enthusiastic gardeners from whom she continues to learn about gardening on the West Coast.

Membership: Sharon O’Brien

Before retiring to Sechelt in 2004, Sharon worked at Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Vancouver for 15 years as a manager of one of the large specialty laboratories. Sharon had done gardening before that and certainly had an interest in growing plants but it wasn’t until she bought her little house in West Sechelt that she really started to get her hands dirty. She inherited a big mature garden that needed TLC. With the help of a local landscaper, Sharon has been able to turn it into a relaxing and enjoyable garden. Sharon joined the Garden Club shortly after moving to the Coast. She volunteered for various jobs and last year took on the Membership position.

Webmaster: Cindy Kisser

Cindy and her husband moved from New Westminster to the Coast in October 2014. Their retirement plan was to move to Naramata, near Penticton, but those plans not only changed location, the plans also moved forward a few years. The Sunshine Coast seemed the better fit with family being only a short ferry ride away rather than the long drive. Cindy has been ‘playing’ in the garden for many years and has been successful for the most part. After creating a beautiful garden oasis in a very busy New West neighbourhood, which took 11 years, she now faces another ‘blank slate’ challenge in Halfmoon Bay. Although Cindy has no formal gardening education/training, her garden and landscaping has worked by ‘trial and error’ and a lot of hard work. She may not know names of certain plants, shrubs and flowers but her passion for creating a beautiful garden is deep rooted (lol…pun intended). Cindy joined the Garden Club in January 2017 and shortly after volunteered for the Webmaster position. Cindy looks forward to many years with the Club and dreams that one day her garden will be worthy of a Tour.

Guest Speakers: Pat Kolterman

Before Pat retired from teaching elementary school, she had visions of spending lots of time with her children and her grandson in their hometown of Terrace. Unfortunately, a week after retiring, her daughter moved to Kelowna and her son and grandson to Vancouver. After several years of traveling to visit them, she convinced her husband, Ken, to move to Sechelt to be closer to family. And what a wonderful move that has been! Always an avid gardener, she joined the Sechelt Garden Club in 2015 and has enjoyed meeting and learning from other gardeners. Her gardening passions are growing vegetables year round and planting with native plants and drought-tolerant perennials.

Community Development: Penny Lyle

Penny hails from Tsawwassen where she spent 20 years as a realtor. Gardening did not seem to be on her radar, but her sellers competed for her to hold their open houses. Laughingly, she learned they not only wanted their homes sold, but loved that subconsciously she would deadhead and weed their hanging baskets and garden beds while showing their properties. In Penny’s extensive travels she is always very curious about plant life, so, upon retiring she joined garden clubs in South Surrey and then Sechelt. She enjoys learning from our wonderful speakers, presenters and our own members, which has always been a joy for her.

As Director of our Community Development committee, Penny is spearheading a project to design and plant a small memorial park on the Rimrock Road end this year. In 2016, planting the rock wall surrounding the Sechelt Aquatic Centre, (after ridding it of weeds), was a great accomplishment for the SGC. For future projects, Penny always reminds our Garden Club members to keep their eyes open for little untended spots we may beautify in Sechelt.

Director: Verna Kelso

After Verna retired from the Vancouver School Board, she and her husband moved from a Coastal climate to very dry conditions in the North Okanagan. The soil was mainly clay and there were a lot of rocks. Verna joined the Vernon and District Garden club and served on the Executive where she helped with the yearly plant sales and flower shows. In addition, Verna has taken a number of Floral Design Courses and does enjoy arranging flowers. Verna brings her knowledge, commitment and creativity to the Sechelt Garden Club. She  presently lives in the Davis Bay area, which is also a gardening challenge and her garden areas are a work in progress. Verna is looking  forward to another year of serving on the Executive, learning more about coastal plants and meeting new people.